Time To Purge — Get Rid of Those Expired Coupons!

It’s a new month and do you know what that means for couponers? It’s time to purge! Go through your coupons today and get rid of any that have expired. I know it’s painful to throw away unused coupons and may even make you reconsider the value of couponing. It’s ok, I’ve had these thoughts too! Just remember–you don’t have to use a coupon just because you have it! Coupons are great when used at the right time and on something you’ll actually use. But to buy something you don’t need or will never use isn’t very frugal! And if you really can’t bear to throw the coupons out, why not donate them to our troops? They can use expired coupons overseas!

Melanie is the founder of and main mom behind Mommy Has Cents. As a wife and mother of five children in a one income household, she needed to find ways to give her children the life they deserve without having to sacrifice too much. She taught herself how to coupon, how to make everything from basic household cleaner to cloth diapers and how to shop to get the best deals. Now, she wants to share this with you! Follow along and you'll be living a champagne life on a beer budget in no time!

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